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Graveless headstones

In the north east corner of the cemetery between the vestry and the chancel is a mounting block. The present vestry was converted from a hearse-house and stable in 1953, and enlarged in 2005.

Nearby, against the chancel wall, are the two oldest legible stones inthe graveyard, sadly divorced from their gaves. The stones and the inscriptions are similar in style, and each is to a daughter; were they friends or relations?

One reads:
‘Here lies ye body of Jane Cookson, Daughter of James Cookson, Feb: ye 22, aged 24, 1718’ and has a shield on the reverse.

The second reads ‘Here lies the body of Mary Myles, daughter of Tho. Myles departed life April ye 22nd Aged … ’ and has, on the reverse, a heart with ‘Memento mori … 1722’.